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I Started an Awesome Podcast in 30 Days

Updated: Oct 4

Welcome to my journey of creating a podcast in 30 days! In this journey, I hope of not only creating a podcast that I have been wanting to create for a long time, but also document the process allowing any other passionate individual to follow my successes and avoid my failures. I also throughout this plan on documenting through blogs and loom videos hard skills, soft skills, mentalities, and overall any other content that I think would be valuable to share.

The podcast that I will be creating is Gamification Station, which I hope to have on at least Apple Podcasts and Spotify, the two places I and my friends listen to podcasts. This podcast will, surprise, deal with gamification. The term references games, because video games in essence have mastered engaging and motivating their players, which is the purpose of gamification. Mastering motivating, engaging, and allowing users to have fun could change the world into a more fun place, which is exactly what my podcast will be covering.

Throughout this landing page, you will find weekly progress (where you can see how I structure my week, what I actually accomplished, and things that I learned after each week), the actual podcast episodes, a large list of documentation I created throughout the 30 days, the platforms you can find my podcast on, a list of repurposed content, and more. Enjoy!


The below links will allow you to follow along the journey, giving you insight into how I planned each week, how each week ended, and what I learned!

Prep Week: Preparing For the Weeks Ahead

Week 1: The Beginning of a Podcast

Week 2: The Creation of the System

Week 3: The Testing and Continuation

The podcast episodes (Youtube)

In doing this project, many things were done, but among all the tasks came two (at minimum) half hour episodes and a trailer video, all of which you can see below!

Commercial Trailer for the podcast!

Episode One: Gamification Can Make the World FUN!? What is it!?

Episode Two: Epic Meaning and Calling Make the World FUN

Documentation of Things I learned

The end product of two podcasts and a trailer video are just the surface of what came out of these 30 days. Within these 30 days I learned many skills, and many different mindsets, all in which I share with the below links!

Blog - How to Create a Script for a Podcast Trailer!

Blog - Reasons to Start a Podcast

Blog - How to be a Great Host for a Podcast!

Blog - I Created an Organized System for Podcasting

Video - How to Use Trello as Project Management Organization

Video - How To Monetize and Distribute Your Podcast on all Platforms Using Anchor!

Video - Using Zencastr to Record Your Podcasts Alone, or With Virtual Guests!

Video - How I Created a Standard Operating Procedure for my Podcast!

Video - Using Adobe Premiere Pro to Make a Podcast Episode Engaging!

Video - How to Connect Anchor to Apple Podcasts and More!

Video - Change Adobe Premiere Pro Dimensions to Fit TikTok!


If you are interested in keeping up with the Gamification Podcast, below is a list of popular platforms along with the link to my podcast you can keep up with! (Some links may only work on mobile)



Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts



Pocket Casts

And More! Type Gamification Station in on your favorite podcasting platform, and we should be there! If not, contact gamificationstation@gmail.com and we'll put it on as soon as we can!

Repurposed Content

Repurposing content is a fantastic way to get more content out there in the most efficient way possible. Put high effort into one channel, and that one piece of high effort can turn into a ton of little other pieces. Below are a few of the repurposed pieces I created from the long form podcast!

Blog - Gamification, a More Fun Future

Blog - Epic Meaning and Calling Make the World FUN

TikTok Page - All Toks are Repurposed Content

Why I did this

I had always wanted a podcast, and I had always been interested in gamification making the world more fun. I also wanted a project to showcase my ability to manage a project, create procedures for a project, and my ability to document a project well. Creating a podcast seemed like it checked every single one of these boxes, and here we are.

I am happy to be creating a podcast over gamification, as I truly think it is a topic that can make the world better. I believe implementing gamification to work, education, and nearly every aspect of life is how we can have a more motivated and engaged society. Creating a podcast over this will allow me to share these ideas, and hopefully spark the passion into others as well as give ideas as to how this movement can begin.

On the other side of this, I want to showcase my abilities. I want to show how I can create procedures, and be organized through the entire thing. How in 30 days, I can finish a large project. I want to show that I can document the entire project well, and show that I can keep things organized. This project is a perfect way to do just that.

Things I would have done differently

One of the few things I regret about these 30 days is the inability to get any large names on my podcast, such as Yu Kai Chou (a legend in gamification). Of course, you cannot expect immediate answers from such people as they are very busy people, and have hundreds if not thousands of requests of things to do, however if I could do things all over again, I would have started reaching out to potential guests sooner than I did.

Another thing, looking back at the past 30 days, is I wish I had implemented more of an advertising strategy. Going into this, the goal was simply creating a podcast and creating a system for others to follow to create their own podcasts. Being here now though, I wish I had put in some more time and more methods for advertising the podcast and getting it out there.

A final things I would have changed over the past thirty days is maybe doing more than one podcast a week. Not that it was necessary, but I feel I could have done it, and adding that to my plate would have strengthened my skills that much more. I could have double the content out there for listeners to have, and I really could have tested the strength of my system.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I believe that podcasts are fantastic in many, many different ways. Not only is podcasting a way for you to project your ideas into the world, it is a place for you to refine many skills that I did not know I would have gained throughout this process. Staying on top of things during these 30 days made me perfect being organized throughout projects. I also had to stick to my decision, once the 30 days started I could not sway in my idea. I had to stick out my idea of a podcast about gamification, and perfect it to the best it could be. In doing so, I also had to deep dive and truly understand gamification. You can't record a podcast over something you barely know, so this forced me seriously study and understand what I was about to record about.

In the end, I am really proud of the podcast itself, but also proud of the system I made for future podcasters to follow, I'm proud of my documentation taking people through my week to week, my wins, and my fails. I'm proud of all the tools I recorded, and blogs about certain aspects of podcasting. I'm proud of my past 30 days, and consider this a win in my book.

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